Getting Rid of the Old Carpet

Everyone always asks me if the garbage man will come and pick up the old carpet if they leave it out by the curb and the answer is no. Most of the time they will just leave it there. It gets moldy very quickly and starts to deteriorate. The smell can be pretty bad to and you can get critters living in there and that’s the last thing you want.

One day I was on a job and there was a guy picking up some junk from one of he neighbors across the street. I was outside cutting the carpet when he was there, he saw me and came over to talk to me. He runs a company call J-Junk and they do junk removal, trash pick up and they pick up things like tree limbs or yard waste. Really nice guy, named Jason and I had a long conversation about getting rid of carpet for my customers. I thought to myself “man this is great, if I have someone that could pick up carpet for me and take it to the dump then it would keep me from having to do it”

Had some equipment go down and had to get ball screw repair done fast and Accurate Ball Screw Repair came through for me in a pinch.

J-Junk is a great junk removal company and I recommend using their services. Check them out here: Website


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