About Us

I am an old carpet installer from way back. I started laying carpet at 21 years old and was a highly sought after installer in Salt Lake City Ut. When most guys were slow in the winter time, I was busy year round. I would take 2 week off in the summer to camp and fish and go four wheeling.

Moved into the office end of the business after about 7 years of installing. I was the top salesman in our store except for the owner who was a sales beast.

I opened my own store with a partner. He already had a successful carpet store and wanted to branch out. It was great because I had buying power right away and he put up the initial capital to open the store. He had a tone of samples to we didn’t need to buy a whole lot of samples as they can be very expensive if you’re just starting out.

We did very well for a couple of years and then I moved on to bigger and better things.


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